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thick dense wool.


perfect for bed roll


L: 46"

W: 28"


This hand tanned sheepskin was diverted from going into a landfill and instead made into a beautiful rug to bless the home. 


Each sheepskin is salted, dried, washed, scraped, brushed, brain tanned & finally smoked. This craft of brain tanning has its roots in different indigenous cultures  from acros the world, and is practiced today as an alternative to the massive industry of chemical tanning.  Our hides are cleaned and tanned withouth the use of any chemicals, machines, or practices that are harmful to the ecology. We feel that tanning these hides gives second life to the beautiful sheep that generously give of themselves for our nourishment and warmth. This helps their legacy of softness and beauty to live on through our work, and in our homes. 


Thank you for your support and please feel free to reach out with any questions. 


*A note: these hides were once part of the body of a living creature intimately interacting with the earth, even after cleaning, hides may still have burrs, seeds, or small bits of dried grass in them, this is part of the beauty of this alchemical process. 

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