~ drip your face in galactic golden cleansing oil ~


~ created for all skin types that leaves your face glowing without feeling greasy. 

~ cleansing the face with oil help strip away excess dirts & oils 

~ add 1/2 a dropers worth of oil on a cotton ball & massage face, 

apply twice if wearing make up. no need to wash oil off afterwards. 


~ pairs with our "voices of her garden" face toner which is applied before the oil,

"mist of hecate" petal water hydrosol spray & our face friendly sunscreen "Surya Protector" ~


~ solar infused almond oil & hemp oil with calendula, elderflower & lavender

& slightly scented with bergamont essential oil ~ 


~ always organic ingredients & handcrafted in small batches ~ 





~ galactic golden cleansing oil ~

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