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create share repeat is an extension of my heart.

It is how I see, interact & survive in this world. 

I grew up in the small fields of Virginia and have gotten here through asking

MANY questions & going many places

Over the last 10 years I have been exploring and collecting multiple mediums.


Right now, I am focused on -weaving small beads, wearable art, digging holes, tanning hides 

& home-grown suppers. 

My prayer is for my work to feed the liminal realms &

bring more connection.

In hopes that another stops you on the street and strikes up a conversation because of what you are wearing.

thank you to me mother Debbie for showing my how to love. 

thank you to all those before & after me. 

thank you to this beautiful mother & all her creatures. 

thank you to all the teachers, storytellers, grandmothers, 

& children.

thank you to everyone who has supported this journey!

all my love. 





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