illustrations by @createsharerepeat

a nomad stepping lightly among the trail while taking time to bow gently. 


Create.Share.Repeat was created by artist Shell Ji after years of traveling & piecing together a vivid magical & wild vision!


Her humble roots began in southern Virginia where she grew up with simple values & big dreams. After choosing a non-traditional path of "life school" by selling her car & any belonging that couldn't fit in a backpack she headed on a one way ticket at age 20 to the big island of Hawaii, here she began to unravel herself. At this moment her hearts mission of food as medicine, visual arts & discovering the world of herbalism began.

Over the next five years Shell traveled throughout the motherland of India multiple times where she received her 200 & 300 hour yoga teacher training & studied Ayurvedic modalities, while diving deeper into her love affair of mango lassi & thali's. In between her visits she nested for a few months out of the year in the foot hills of the Sierraa Mountains in Northern California as an alternative diet chef preparing organic locally sourced dishes for communities with food sensitivities & allergies. Her passion for food as medicine grew with the abundance of locally sourced produce, native plant medicine & endless herbalism resources.


After the California summer ended she frolicked throughout North America living out of a truck backpacking, rock climbing, beading & foraging between California and Texas. At the end of 2017 Shell began to dream of combining her love of plant medicine, visual arts and weaving the colourful dreams of India into a vision that manifested as create.share.repeat.

The art form of weaving vivid dreams of color through beadwork found her in the mountains of Nevada City, CA. She bow's gently to native cultures whom have developed this ancient wisdom & mindfully honours their individual traditions. She deeply respects the old folk traditions & wishes to create her own version of stories through this ancient craft. 

Slowing down after 5 years of the nomadic journey Shell finds herself nestled in South Austin among the prickly pears, wildflower petals & endless swims in the sweet crispy springs. 

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